Logo Design

A logo gives your business identity, it engages with its audience and provides a starting point for your brand to build from. Your logo design is a unique identity that provides you with your own stamp of approval, and provides your customers with the confidence they need to undertake your service, or purchase your products.

We specialise in brand creation and stunning professional logo designs, creating a unique identity that customers feel confident to work with, or buy from.

Your Logo is unique to you

Your logo design is an extension of your personality, it can be fun, serious, whacky, or wild. It can be built around a name, an image, or a colour, it can include a strap line, or stand alone. Whatever your logo design turns out to be, it must be unique to you and convey your business in a professional, trustworthy, and reliable manner.

Getting to Know you

As with all of the work we do, before we start any project we always get to know you, your business, and understand the type of customers that you would like to appeal to. From here we can then find out if there is anything that you are interested in, and if you have a favourite colour, though all of our designs initially start in black and white it is always good to complete the final logo design in a range of colours.

Your stamp of approval

Before we undertake your logo design we must have an understanding of how you want your customers to see you. We then undertake our own logo design processes, combining mind mapping techniques with graphic design. This allows us to flow through the design process and develop a range of logo designs that we can then show to you. From here we then discuss your feedback and make any necessary updates that you may like to see, after all it is your brand stamp!

Fixed price

Our logo design process has a fixed price and is undertaken over a number of days. This enables you to manage your budget accordingly, as any updates you would like to see within the logo design process is included within the initial price.